Covering a beat can be terrifying. A reporter is thrown into a new assignment, sometimes with little preparation. He or she is expected to intelligently interview people who’ve spent their careers as experts in their field. These newcomers also must compete with seasoned veterans, who may have been covering the same topic for years, and have enviable source lists.

Beats are especially challenging when it comes to covering money. There is jargon to learn. History to understand. And always, the chase after the new.

You can be forgiven for exclaiming, “How am I ever going to know this?”

Luckily, the Reynolds Center is here to help. We’ve taken our Beat Basics series, originally produced for and compiled it in this handy eBook.

Need to know about technology? Check. Have you been asked to write about manufacturing? There are tips here. You can also find information about covering sports, the economy, health care, and many, many more topics.

Whether you’re assigned to cover a specific beat, or just need some help to get you through a story, our guide has answers. We can’t promise you’ll look like you’ve been covering it forever on your first time out, but you’ll get valuable advice from the experts who have covered this subjects for a while.

Feel free to share the word about our eBook with your colleagues, editors, professors and students.

We teach money, and we hope you will learn from The Reynolds Center Guide To Business Beat Basics.


Beat Basics Copyright © 2011 by Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism. All Rights Reserved.


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